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1096 Scenic Gulf Drive
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Frequently Asked questions

Does driving in your car for hours on the way to Destin make your lower back and hips feel tight?

Yes, muscles that remain in a short static position for a prolonged time period need to be activated.

Why do my neck and shoulders hurt when I'm sitting at my desk?

More than likely, there is an uneven skeletal load between vertebrae and scapula. Muscles are also hampered by having certain muscle groups in a continually contracted position.

When I start an exercise program, why do I feel like my body is stiff, sore, and sometimes less coordinated?

DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) is common when loads, duration, and repetition is implemented too much. The body does not has enough recuperation time in between workouts.

Does massage therapy help when my stress levels are high?

Yes, a Swedish massage helps relax the central nervous system.

Why does kyphotic posture lead to neck and shoulder pain?

Certain muscle groups are put on an eccentric holding pattern.

When I sit at my desk, why does my range of motion feel limited when I turn my neck?

Chances are, your head is in a forward head posture position. This causes the geometrical angle of the facet joints (zygapophyseal) to not articulate in an optimal angle for rotation.

What can I do to maintain or improve my spinal health?

It is important to practice having proper control of pelvic tilt, hip hinge, positioning of the knees, and proper ankle flexion (dorsi flexion). All of these help to take excessive loads off of the spinal musculature.

What can I do to improve my overall posture?

Start walking with a conscious effort to keep your shoulders back and engage your core muscles. Over time, releasing the tight muscles through foam rolling and engaging the weak muscles with conscious effort is what we call neuroplasticity.

Why does my lower back ache?

Aside from a pathological condition that may be present; pelvic tilt (anterior, neutral, posterior) has a direct impact on how much load is imposed on the lower lumbar spine.

How can massage therapy help to improve your posture as you age?

By relaxing and releasing tension in tight muscles, you may find it easier to stand up straighter and move more efficiently.